How do I add a business to BizSwipe?

***In this example we will be adding a website. To add a social media account – click the corresponding social icon***



1. If you already have a BizSwipe account click “add business”. If not, create a free BizSwipe account and you will be lead to the add a business page automatically
2. Click “Website” on the top of the page

3. To add a business you must have an email address associated with the domain name
  • Fill in the website URL
  • Fill in your associated email address
  • Choose your business location (If you do not have a physical location any location will work)
  • Choose up to 3 categories
  • Lastly choose if you would like to promote, publish, both, or other

4. Click “NEXT” to proceed to the next page
5. Select the primary account for the business which will be shown to others as your profile image then click” PROCEED TO SWIPE” (In this example we will be using as our primary account)

6. Verify your website. A verification email will be sent to email your provided (the email associated with the domain name)

7. Click the link in the email

8. After clicking the link go back into the app where your website is now active and ready to swipe!