About BizSwipe

What is BizSwipe?

BizSwipe connects businesses and social media influencers with other businesses and social media influencers (B2B) who share common interests or goals. Easily find exactly what you are looking for by swiping left or right as businesses pop up on your screen with real time social media and website analytics.

BizSwipe takes out the guesswork in networking. Users can match based on organic google website rankings, the paid traffic a website receives, or social media influence. No more cold calling or e-mailing hoping you find the right person to talk to without knowing if they are interested in what you have to offer. With BizSwipe you will only be able to chat with people who already want to chat with you with zero spam.

Who Uses BizSwipe?
Business to Business
Businesses can connect with other businesses for link building campaigns or any other b2b needs.
Influencer to Business
Influencers can connect with businesses that need promoting or other needs that a social media influencer can fulfill.
Influencer to Influencer
Influencers can connect with other influencers for cross promotion or other influencer strategies.
Digital Marketers
Digital Marketers can connect with businesses, social media influencers, and other digital marketers to benefit their clients.
How to Use BizSwipe?
  • Add Website
  • Add Social Accounts
  • Adjust Settings
  • Adjust Profile
  • Adding Extra Businesses
  • Removing Businesses
  • Matching